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#26: "Settlers' Dreams" by Sandra Curtis (2018)

#26: "Settlers' Dreams" by Sandra Curtis (2018)

$55 unframed. Image centred on paper size A4 (21x29.4cm), archival print on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper. Larger or smaller sizes can be printed, contact me for prices.
Enquiries: E [email protected] | M +61 418 328 710

SETTLERS' DREAMS (2018): "The trivet, a simple item of early kitchen life, and made of hand twisted wire, floats through layers of our Southern clouds and sky. If the sky was the limit, where did their dreams take them?...
My work explores the intersection of inner and outer landscapes. I'm inspired by the timeless, elemental natural world, and a deep personal connection to this southern landscape. Thus, creating liminal and textured images to encourage a re-imagining of our relationship and connection with the natural world."