AIPP Reflections Project - Marion Bantjes/Designer - Angie & Lentil - Neil Melville/Actor/Writer A good portrait is a gift for life. Not just your lifetime but a gift into the future, to be passed forward to the next generations. Your essence, your character, your life force captured and held in beautiful prints.

Photographing people is one of my great pleasures. One of the benefits of my long experience is you can trust me to put you at ease when in front of my camera. I work with you to feel confident to reveal something of your true nature, maybe even letting a bit of your soul shine through. For I believe that in our hearts and souls we are all beautiful in a way that is far more powerful than any "selfie" or glamour shot. This is the real you.

I'd love to hear from you to talk about creating beautiful and meaningful portraits of you, your loved ones or esteemed colleagues.

You can email me or call me on +61 418 328 710.