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Authentic and Dynamic Portraits: Senior Teams, Executives, Board Members, Headshots of Your Staff 

I work in situe at your offices or chosen locations, from formal through to relaxed styles to suit your branding and corporate story. My working style brings out the best in you, so you look natural and energised, whatever the setting. Whether it's a simple headshot or an editorial style executive portrait for publication, I'm always aware of the trust people place in me.

Most people are not comfortable in front of a camera and it's my job to make you feel at ease, to engage with you so your portrait communicates what you want to say about yourself (your "brand" if you like) in a real and authentic way. As we progress in life, and in our professions, we accumulate experience and skills, and may well change direction altogether. So it's really important to refresh your professional image out there in the world. After all, this image goes before you, preparing the ground and making first impressions on others, long before you get to meet your potential clients and collaborators.

I work in Melbourne, regional Victoria, interstate & overseas, wherever the work requires.

Call me on +61 418 328 710 or email me to talk about what you're looking for. I hope we can work together soon.